Femdom Erotic Hypnosis Mp3s

Full collection of Lady Lana’s femdom erotic hypnosis mp3s, available to purchase via niteflirt. All the femdom erotic hypnosis categories from small penis humiliation, extreme femdom brainwashing, feminization training, sissy hypnosis, bbc fantasies, mental domination, fetish mindfuck, goddess worship, love and addiction, and much more. If you are not comfortable withe erotic hypnosis phone sessions yet, and feel that you need more time to mentally prepare yourself for a phone introduction to the femdom Goddess, you will enjoy listening to these erotic hypnosis mp3s. It is also a good alternative to femdom phone sex sessions to keep yourself under the influence of the hypnotic voice of the mistress.

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cum eating hypnosis
Just a little taste

Cum eating hypnosis mp3.

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femdom erotic hypnosis
La Cocaina

femdom erotic hypnosis mp3.

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Erotic Mind Control Videos

This is a very special collection of femdom hypnosis videos, meticulously put together and carefully constructed. These hypnotic videos are not your average erotic hypnosis clips of a domme sitting in front of the camera and talking very slow. These brainwashing videos are on average 10-15 minutes in length, but they are highly intense on a subconscious level. These videos took hours, and hours, sometimes days to put together, just so that your mind can be infiltrated, dominated, brainwashed, and re-adjusted on the submissive mentality. Enjoy.

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foot fetish hypnosis video

foot fetish erotic hypnosis video.

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gay sissy hypnosis
Gay Boy

Gay feminization hypnosis video.

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Ass Trance

Ass worship and mental submissive enslavement video.

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Sensual seduction erotic trance video.

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