I really should have posted this a week ago, but better later than even later than that. Just wanted to give heads up that my sites are undergoing some adjustments right now.
Some of you may either have heard of or have had troubles with payment processors witch hunting erotic hypnosis content…so that was the case with me. The old payment processor sent me a note that they were suspending their services for all three of my sites, even though only one was dedicated to hypnosis. It made me upset and angry for a minute, but in the big picture I see it as a positive, just with a minor setback.
The clips membership site, is up and running and processing payments through CCBill, and there shouldn't be an issue for anyone to get their perv on if there's such a need. There will be more updates coming starting the xmass even and on. There's also NF option if you're a NF junkie. It's a bit more but simply because NF takes a bit more, so you pay for the privilege.
The hypnosis site, is undergoing adjustments, as I had to move over all the content to a new payment processing, and the mp3s are going to be available for purchase through MPS. I have moved most of the content by now, so it's up and running. Make sure to update your cookies/bookmarks, so you don't end up with an old version of the site. You will NOT be able to make payments through old payment processor, so just click refresh.
The site is mighty beautiful now as I got inspired to create new artwork for the files. I think they are hot. Totally.
The clip site, will no longer function as a clip site. Right now it's redirecting to my C4S store meanwhile I'm finishing up the hypno jumbo. I am not re-doing it as a clip site anymore. If you want to buy my clips, just stick with C4S, I am not wasting my life on copy/pasting, it's just not happening. Make sure to bookmark the studio, that's the only link you'll need for my clips. The will take on a life as a personal blog with most of the major updates.
I was really looking forward to making new content and doing new photoshoots instead of overhauling the sites that I already have, but, it's all for the best in the end.
With that in mind, while I'm creating greatness, make yourself useful and show appreciation by partying hard cleaning out my wishlist on Amazon
Happy Holidays.