And justice for all

Something I was gonna write about a while ago but then forgot to. The reason I had to cut my NH trip short was that I had to be in count on Monday morning to testify as a witness in a next door break-in a year ago. After watching all the crime drama on tv, you get an imaginary sense of justice be done, bad guy goes to prison, everybody’s happy. You’d think so, but not quite. According to the local justice system it’s not that easy to get there. Honestly, I did not want to testify. The man did not make direct threats, but made hints that ____ get the stitches. I wouldn’t really want to find out, considering he knows very well where I live, so I told the assistant DA about it, was told that I would be on call so that I wouldn’t have to be in court the whole day but may just show up to testify and leave.
To recoup last year’s  incident, the man broke in into the next door neighbor’s apartment on thanksgiving and I got to witness the whole thing out of the window. Anyhow. The cops had an eyewitness, evidence, the whole 9 yards to put the man away to prison for many years as he was on probation when he did that. His own lawyer said he couldn’t help him. So what happens in the end? I never get called to court. I have to cut my getaway short for this moron not to go to prison! Meanwhile kids get put away for smoking weed overfilling the prisons the morons who break the law repeatedly stay outside. On the positive site, I did get more police patrol around the neighborhood, hopefully for better than just getting another speeding ticket.