Best Wishes

It’s fucking cold! If someone didn’t notice, the winter is here… very much so… and what happens when winter season comes? Correct.. the holidays.. and nasty viruses, and shopping, and fear of loneliness and depression and the feeling of underachievement… again, because you FAILED, like you always do. Being a fucking FAILURE that you are. Another year of realization of inadequacy, of unfulfilled expectations, unrealized resolutions you made december 31st of last year… but tell you this… it’s gonna be ok. You can still start over. You can still make new resolutions. You can still change. You can still achieve. Yes you CAN. …or not.
Most likely it’s gonna be the same. Most likely you will FAIL at being a man over and over again. Most likely I will still be making a profit off of YOU, and another one you, and another one. There are many of you out there. There is only one little me here.
I do find it amusing how some of you run away with a tail between your legs, hiding, closing all the accounts, yet only to come back for more, looking for me on the web, hoping I won’t notice that you gave in again, that you cracked and snack in to buy another fetish video. I’m actually going to make it even more difficult for you.  Your attempts of resistance are laughable. To make it even more painful to resist, almost all of the erotic hypnosis recordings on are 25% OFF.  It’s way too generous of me, don’t count on this happening often, as a matter of fact, I wouldn’t count on it until next year… if I don’t change my mind. But… there’s your chance to LOAD up on all of the hypno mp3s and send a tribute for the 25% you have just saved. What can I say, I have to benefit from giving you a discount for being you. Keep on slaving.