Bitch, you’re fired.

That’s pretty much the message that I got from TalkSugar. My listings have been taken down without any notice or warning. I’m not quite sure how long they have been down as I haven’t checked the status in a while. To my inquiry as why the listings are not showing, even though I could switch on and off the call button, the answer was, quote ” This is what happens when you habitually do not answer the calls we send you”. There was no other response or answer. I guess I didn’t get the memo that I was working for the man, or that I owed anything to the company or that I had obligations to do as I’m told to. I have received at best one or two calls a month, so that would increase the chances of missing a call, due to.. whatever. Phone is not an extension of my body, I expect submissives to earn the privilege to speak to me before they dial the digits.
If any of the ladies out there are promoting my listing, sorry about the hassle, feel free to take them off, there is really no use of them anymore, as well as recorded listings and items for sale.
If you have previously used Talksugar platform to talk to me, chances are you haven’t used it in a while, so if you want to hear my beautiful voice, you’ll have to reserve to Niteflirt or tributing directly and using skype. Shortly there will be one more option available and will be posted here.
k, Bitch rant’s over.