Dating 101

If you ever wondered what it’s like to be a Domme in vanilla world… let me just say, it mostly sucks. I am too comfortable with weirdness and perviness that anything “normal”, well, it just seems weird. Vanillas feel like people from another planet to me, so in order to talk to them, you do a little dance where you pretend that they are “ok” and you completely understand them.

A couple of months ago I ventured out to catch up on some social life as I was feeling I was spending too much time online and not enough on the outside…as I have moved to the new place I have literally most of the bars and clubs right outside down the corner. Between spending time online and playing cards, I’ve realized I was missing something… a human breathing male being with a pulse.. a man. I took this pretty seriously and decided not to waste much time and catch up very quickly. I tried going out, I tried online dating… I tried. In the end, it turned out to be more of a social experiment. Then, I was thinking of writing up some blogs, but then decided that those who want to know should have the privilege of paying for those dates, and perhaps relate to them on some level… or at least wish you could.