Home sweet home

Finally, I am back to life. The move is over, walls are painted, boxes unpacked, everything is in place. I’m in heaven. I can finally relax in peace and quiet in my perfect little world. I know I haven’t updated in a while, I’m not going to apologize for that. My priorities are Your priorities, if someone can’t deal with that, move on.

I have missed My pervs, puppets and bitches. The good thing about a fresh start, I get to start over everything again from the clean slate. Just like the old furniture and clothes that I threw away I also had to get rid of the old junk called slaves… you know who you are. No pity, no regrets.. the regret and pity is on them for being incompetent servants, thinking that they may serve when it’s convenient to them.

But then again, just like the rest of things, I like everything new and shiny…so new slaves in shining armor will be on for a trial and error. Excited!

Some have been asking for new clips/recordings. I have a long list of custom requests by now, not to mention my own list of fun ideas for mind warping and controlling. Just wait…

Thanks to those who contributed to the move, once again, I LOVE my new place.