LA Trip Recap

The LA trip turned out to be fun! I need my little vacations, they are always refreshing, make me pump with new ideas and projects whenever I get out of the house. In other words, it’s good for me. The ideas started flowing right as I boarded the plane. I kind of had a weird moment of being half asleep/half awake as I dreamed up a tattoo that I’m going to get. It’s not just a tattoo, not a little butterfly on my butt, no, fuck that, I’m going to get a whole sleeve for my left arm. The idea came just so easily and so clearly that it is already set in stone, or, at least in my mind in this case. I haven’t quite seen this done before, so I’ll have to go talk to the guys at a tattoo shop to consult so that I don’t go into crazy detail and colors in the drawing only to find out this can’t be done. There are a few options, but it will be either lace sleeve with gemstones/jewels set carefully around, or gemstone flowers with more organic drawing of live flowers. I’ll have to play around more with the actual drawings to see what looks best. So…quite excited. It’s a long-term project, but, literally last me a lifetime. Another reason why I decided to finally get a new tattoo, is I love tattoo art, but I am terribly afraid of needles, to the point that my body shuts down if I have my blood drawn. So this is it, it’s going to change from now on. I do feel sorry for the guy who will have to do the work. Hope he’ll have a lot of candy.
Speaking of candy… the biggest splurge on candy, on your dime. I went to Universal Park, and on the way back came across a Sugar shop. I passed it first time, but then I came back on the second day.. and I gave in to gummy bears. Gummy bears for all $60 of them. I guess it could’ve been worse.
Other than Universal, the other entertainment highlight of LA moment. I bet you whores gonna be jealous! I was staying for a few days at a friend’s place in West Hollywood, a nice gay area, pretty safe for a night walk. If you know me well enough, then you know I like to take a walk late at night, like around 2, 3, 4 am is totally normal. After a late night card game I decided to take a walk around at about 3 am with a friend. As we were walking, chatting, I realized that we were staring at a couple of guys hiding in the bushes by the door steps of an apartment building. The thing is, one of them had pants halfway down and another one had his cock shoved all the way down the other guy’s anus. Get the picture? Now, don’t get too hot and bothered yet. I managed to walk by like it’s no big deal, as if seeing two big black guys fucking in the street is just totally normal, while one of them was slooowly pulling the pants up and the other one froze with his cock stuck inside and just staring with the deer in headlights look. Was pretty funny.
Another interesting sight was hookas in the street. As I was driving by I really wanted to stop by to give them some money to go home as it was really cold and poor things looked like they were freezing their asses off in pvc dresses and platforms, but then, I didn’t want to support their pimps. The whole thing was pretty comical though.

Finally, there’s a little treat for ya pervs. I took some lovely pictures of my feet in the sand when I went to the beach. Was a lovely weather so there are some pretty shots of my beautiful pedicured toe nails and sexy sand. Look out for a new set soon.
Either way, I am back, waiting to be spoiled, pampered and entertained. Phone lines are on, wishlist is updated, Christmas is coming up, I am in good spirits. I suggest you keep it that way.
To those of you who shopped for me in absence, good job, go treat yourself to the “Greed” photo set. You deserve it.