Ass Trance


Ass worship and mental submissive enslavement video.


Product Description

My femdom video of ass worship and mental enslavement of your submissive mind.

Enjoy this rare treat boys. I don’t do this often, so this is very, very special. I’ve wanted to make this video for a while, and it took a lot of time of carefully crafting it to achieve the result that I wanted. What I wanted to do, was to have you completely mesmerized by my voice and fixated on my body for the duration of this erotic trance video. With my extensive experience in female domination, erotic mind control and artistic background, you may believe me, I know what I’m doing with your head. I’m going to spin it round and round.

This video is only 10 minutes long, but it is heavily loaded with subliminal messages and erotic images. It will be very hard for a weak man to resist an impulse. You will  have no choice but dive into deep submission for me.  I am going to seduce you into total compliance. I will brainwash you into ass worship and make you become addicted to  my ass. My ass is beautiful and you are going to worship it. You will become conditioned to love my beautiful ass. You will become enslaved to my ass. You will become an ass slave. Ass stupid. Slave to the ass fetish.

I am going to infiltrate your thoughts. I am going to invade your desires… to worship, and adore, my beautiful ass. You will develop an addiction to worship my ass. You will feel the need to do it over and over. You will simply become glued to the screen as you watch my images move across the monitor.

Please understand that this is an intense ass fetish brainwashing. The femdom trance video of extreme fetish implantation of ass worship into a submissive male mind. It’s a very heavy ass worship brainwashing video. Contains elements of subliminal phrases, psychedelic images and strobe lights. 10 minutes wmv video Make sure to wear headphones for the best effects. If you are sensitive to strobe lights please proceed to watching another video.


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