Temporary mental body modification brainwashing trance mp3. Expansion fetish.


Product Description

 This femdom mind control mp3 will create a sense of growing larger balls.

Throughout the session you will feel them become bigger, and stronger. It will make you believe for a short period of time that you actually got balls. You really need this, because in reality… you ain’t got none. They are small, they are feeble, they are tiny little testicles hanging off between your legs. Obviously someone like you needs help. You know you really wish they were bigger, fuller, stronger. You have seen them before, perhaps in porn videos. It is probably very humiliating to be this way, to have such miniscule balls.

If you had balls, everything would be different. You would feel better, stronger, more confident, more actually like a ” man”.  But you are not. Someone without “balls”  is  quite the opposite. You are a  small, insecure and timid individual. But… there is always a solution, and I am here to help. Imagine this, that you could be the one with THE balls! It just may happen to you. All you have to do is listen. It can’t be all that difficult, right? All you have to do is just listen to the instructions and follow. It should be very easy for someone like you to do.

The actual name for the recording is “Jumbo Balls”, but both titles really fit, so there are two. It is a second part to the “Monster Penis” and if you liked the first one, this femdom mind control mp3 is a must. Not only it makes you grow, but there is also an intricate humiliation twist at the end that will make you only more aroused than before. I take you on the journey of femdom mental domination by inducing the state of trance through the full body relaxation technique so you will not need to purchase a separate induction file. Happy Trancing.

MP3 Length:21:40

File Size: 29 MB


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