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Experience new thrill of eating your own cum every time you feel like masturbating. Feel your addiction grow the more you listen to this cum eating trance mp3. The more you listen to it, the more you become compelled to eat your own cum. Let it resonate in your mind as a mantra. Let the brainwashing sink in deep into your subconscious mind. Let your little braincells be saturated with those words. In the trance state you are highly suggestible and too weak to let your mind resist those words. You really, really want to eat your own cum. You may not like it, but you want to.

You may not like the taste, but you love the way it makes you feel. Dirty. Filthy. Degraded. Free. Happy. Liberated. The more you do it the more addicted you become to eating your own cum. Thanks for listening to this cum eating MP3 as a daily submissive training. Thanks to the dominant goddess who has made you this way. You should be thankful. You should be happy. You should be. Yes, you are… Now, get on with the cum eating program and start munching on your own dirt on a regular basis.

Size: 12 MB

Format: MP3

Length: 25 minutes


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