LL Bitch


Cruel domme’s fetish temptation pictures.


Product Description

What would you do to please me? Would you do anything? No, really, would you do ANYTHING? A lot of slaves say they would. Not many follow. Saying “anything” is like digging yourself a deep hole six feet under to fall into… and then I may throw some dirt on top you, before¬† it gets hard to breathe. I will laugh, look at you from above and humiliate you even more, laugh at you even harder, and continuously flip you off till I can’t laugh no more. I really don’t mind laughing at your misery, at your inadequacies, at your awkward attempts trying to please me, to do anything.. remember? as you said you would. You can beat yourself up senseless.. it will make me want to humiliate you even more. You knew what you were getting yourself into, right? You were searching online for a cruel humiliatrix, well, that’s what you got. You can’t say you were not warned. I may look cute and harmless.. but that hurts down even more. One thing to be kicked around by a leather-clad dominatrix, but totally different to be laughed at by the girl-next-door. You know exactly how it hurrrrts. So can you handle it? Can you contain the excitement that you feel when¬† a bitchy domme laughs at you? pointing fingers and simply giggling? I have a feeling you will love basking in your misery.

Enjoy this photo set of My royal ass laughing and flipping you off… gracefully of course.

A set of 16 HQ Images of the femdom Goddess right on your screen.


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