Part mantra, part brainwashing, part fantasy, part reality, complete mind-fuck. All blended into one. Highly saturated with visualization scenes of being reduced to a status of a wallet.


Product Description

 Financial Domination Hypnosis – Enter your money slavery to the cruel  Hypnotic Goddess today.

Financial domination hypnosis may be the answer to your fetish fantasies.  It may take you deeper into the realm of servitude, self-humiliation and goddess worship. As already a slave to your weakness for financial fetishes, your resistance threshold for powerful money domme for is very low. Lets just say that there is none. As a weak money slave you can be swept away immediately in the presence of a hypnotic Goddess of your perverted dreams.

You are also very suggestible. Your mind is malleable. It can be molded into any shape or form in the deeply hypnotized state. It may, for example, take a form of a wallet.You may find yourself in my purse. Would you like to be so close to me? You could be touched, deeply. Into the very depth of your bank account. You could be getting fatter or thinner, depending on my use of you. I would keep you so close to my body. You may become worn and worn out. You could be of daily use to the hypnotic Mistress…but only as a wallet. That’s what you are… just a wallet, a money slave.

So dive in deep into financial domination hypnosis, and curl up in my side pocket. It is a very comfortable place. It is also probably very humiliating to a human being to be treated that way… but what would you know about it, you are just a wallet. You live and breathe to be used, to be abused, to be trained, and to be drained.

Financial Domme brainwashing, slave humiliation and objectification. This session was made to create a personal human wallet to the greedy Mistress out of you.

Listen this often enough and you will become conditioned to be for my personal use only, nothing but just a thing to use.

Say: I…AM… Just… A …Wallet. …repeat…

Mp3 Length:24:33

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