Hello. Bimbo.



Product Description

This is a very intense behavioral sissy training erotic mental conditioning video. It has a lot of visual stimulation directed at the core desires of a sissy to become more feminine. This feminization brainwashing video contains a lot of pornographic images, the depictions of gay porn sex, mixed images of female form, the visualizations of sexual intercourse, heavy psychedelic effects, strobe lights, hypnotic spirals, animation, suggestive texts and color theory of psychological influence. Only serious sissies need to apply. If you can’t handle strobe lights and flashes, please chose a different video to watch.

Hello. Bimbo.

Watch and learn. Repeat. To yourself. ” I.. am not… a man”. Stroke yourself. Think of all those things that make you excited… lipstick, your boobies, your sloppy wet pussy… look at the screen. Look intensely. Your mind is now infiltrated by sissy thoughts. The images are deeply implanted in your mind. You will have no choice but develop new masturbation behavior, perhaps more and more turned on by the sight of the mano-o-mano cocksucking. perhaps… you will even masturbate to the sight of the cock. maybe…you will have no choice but cum watching a man sucking on a cock. enjoy.

the super- duper jedi mind tricks of the hypnotic goddess.

Size: 174 MB

Format: WMV

Length: 15 minutes


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