Lethal Injection


Feel the lethal injection of love enter your body…


Product Description

¬†Would you like to know what it’s like to be in complete femdom mental slavery to the Goddess?

Would you like to experience complete hypnotic suspension in the state of love and deep submission?

Considering your submissive side, I believe that you would…and should. I am going to help you achieve that state. This is the first part in the trilogy of addiction to love and worship sessions. “Lethal injection” sounds like a cruel title. When you listen to the recording you may wonder why would I chose this name for the mp3 as you may awaken filled with the feelings of joy and love. Well… wouldn’t you rather be happy in your slavery? Why wouldn’t you? I may mentally beat you down into submission, or.. I may slowly inject your mind with the sense of unquestionable love and adoration. In the end result, you are not going anywhere. You are here to serve, you are here to obey. You are going to enjoy every single moment of this experience…no matter how cruel and sadistic it may seem.

The recordings starts off slowly, softly, gently. I have no intention of scaring you off. I want you to ease into a comfortable state of complete relaxation. It will be easier for you to follow the lead of my voice if you completely let go. I am going to help you forget all the worries in the world and make you only focus on my voice. I would like to erase any thoughts from your conscious mind and speak directly to your subconscious. I may suggest for you to forget what you need to forget and let you go down into the deeper trance state veiled by the light amnesia. The descent into the state of trance¬† is soft, calm and slow, giving you enough time to become very very comfortable, followed by the countdown deepener and a deep drop into the mental surrender. Your whole state will be the state of love, submission and adoration. Your own fantasy of femdom mental slavery is within reach. The overwhelming feeling of need to submit…

You will become my next mental cell captive, receiving the lethal injection drip… by drip… by drip…the lethal injection of love.

After listening to this, you will be prepared for ” Lanacide”.

The mp3 includes induction and awakening sequence.

There is very minimal voice editing and only one layer of background soft music to keep all the distractions away and keep you focused on my voice.

Mp3 Length: 32:31

File Size: 14.8 MB


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