Mind Trap


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Enter the mind trap- the femdom mental domination game. Erotic hypnosis mp3 created with only one purpose in mind: to cage and capture you into mental femdom slavery.

Let yourself be lead deep down onto the subconscious level of your submissive desires.

If you follow and obey you may find yourself in place where you belong, and accepted… where you may be fully aware of your weakness and helplessness. There is no where¬† to hide, you are all our in the open. Your submissive fears and fetish fantasies are all laid out. You may feel every thing with your body, as you become more and more deeply hypnotized.

Go further down the hypnosis spiral, and you may find yourself trapped, caged and captured… into your mind trap.


Fetishes included: mental domination, bdsm fantasy, tight ropes, slave capture, seduction, mental sadism.


Length: 27:40



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