Hope you have made your resolutions for new year, and the only valid resolution that I may think of is you becoming a better submissive, learning to serve better, to be of better use .. the rest is not so important. My personal only resolution is to take care of myself in every way possible 200% more than before, and so should you. There’s really nothing else to concentrate on or more important, so lets just stick with it.
I’m going to do recap of good and not so good puppets later, some of you deserve some props, but I don’t feel like it right now.. If you are appreciated you already know who you are, no need for public flattery.  As far as presents recap, too many to list, they are all wonderful though, quite happy, keep it that way. I may take some pictures eventually.
A couple of new things: I will be moving to a new place by the end of the month, so I”m pretty fucking busy picking out new curtains. Boxes, boxes, boxes… ugh, who would’ve thought that one little girl can have so much stuff! On the bright side, I’m going to be throwing away a whole lot of “stuff’ and buying new “stuff”. I LOVE new “stuff”.  Good news for you? I have a couple of boxes stuffed with old shoes and other naughty things, Guess what? They could be yours! Consider it a donation drive haha, nah, fuck it, you’ll still pay for it, one way or another… but, it’s your last chance, otherwise it’s going to the trash can and you never get to sniff sniff “sob” any of those things.  So, well.. you have 3 weeks left, till it goes buh-bye.
Well, that’s the start for the new year. I’ve been piled with custom requests for mp3s and videos, but frankly don’t have lots of time to concentrate, even though I would love to, some of the ideas are just way too juicy, but will post about that later.
Ok, now, go back to work, make some money, keep making the Goddess happy.