After the trip

Just came back from a place most people don't know how to spell or pronounce, mind you, knowing where it is. I just discovered a little paradise on the island of Curacao in the Caribbean. Got myself some tan and then some sunburn.
My northern pale skin is not quite accustomed to the hot burning sun. I hide in an A/C most of the time during summer and avoid the heat by sleeping my days away, so my ass literally got blasted by some extra sun rays. The only place I didn't put sunscreen was my ass and back of the legs, so sitting was a tad uncomfortable, so I did a lot of walking. Still, wish I would've stayed a few days more instead of coming back into 50 degree weather. The sea breeze, friendly people and good food were definitely making up for the slight discomfort I had to endure.
Besides lovely beaches the island also has interesting history and a nice place to explore so I wasn't limited to just sipping mojitos (they make them good there) but also got to walk around the city and get some shopping done. And o.m.g. I'm going to miss the cappuccinos. I miss them already. The watered down bullshit that they call coffee here just doesn't cut it. May invest in a cappuccino making machine, yup, the fancy one.

and just a side-note: TSA agents are not very friendly people and generally lack sense of humor. They don't get jokes or just like to touch people. Possibly both. Maybe I'm just that hot, go ahead, be jealous.

The next trip is Vegas in the end of May, so I'm going to be around limited amount of time. If somehow you see me available online, it's your lucky chance boys... really. IF you see me online and IF I pick up the phone, sing halleluiah and praise the lord for your day is really blessed and you get to hear my lovely voice twisting your braincells and fucking you over.


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