After all the things that have been happening lately I finally have built up some creative energy for new erotic hypnosis recordings, but, before I get to that… I found that I have had a couple of mp3s made a while ago, but forgot to edit them. I have/had this fascination with a device I found in stockroom site, I believe some sissy showed me this a while ago, and ever since then it’s been kind of stuck in my mind… just how much it should fuck with your head to wear this, to hide your penis inside and be able to play with your pussy, totally disregarding any reference to your “manhood” but on the contrary, fucking yourself senseless with a prosthetic “manhood’, meanwhile it’s rubbing against your clit and making you very very horny, just like a slut that you are. So, as it has been in the back of my mind, and, I do believe every sissy should own a vee string, I also wanted to reinforce that through a hypnosis recording, something to condition, to prepare you, to reinforce the belief that you do indeed have a delicate clit between your legs, as you listen to it more and more. I will post the recording soon, for now, go play with your credit card on my site, you may even rub yourself as you do that. Till then…in anticipation of your new … you .. 🙂