Cum eating training and mental conditioning mp3.


Product Description

Enjoy the dirt, enjoy the filth, the humiliation and degradation when you realize that you love to eat your cum.

There is no escaping that. It’s in your nature… to be a dirt collector. Listening to cum eating instructions will reinforce that. It will bring out the need to get very, very dirty when you feel like having sexual self-gratification. When you feel like your sexual arousal grows, so is the need to plunge deep into self-degradation. It’s the only thing that makes the release worth it. You just will have to eat your cum to feel the feeling of satisfaction when you finally achieve an orgasm. It just won’t be complete without that final touch. You will feel like you’re missing something if you didn’t stuff your mouth with your own cum. Sounds scary? Exciting? It should be. It is an alternative sexual adventure that makes you, my dear perverted friend, so different.. and special. You really really should be proud of yourself.

So go ahead, take the next step into femdom humiliation. Listen more often to this cum eating training mp3. It will bring out more dirt out of you than ever before. You will wish you would have done this sooner, but now you have an opportunity to catch up. The mp3 starts out with a long full body relaxation and takes you deep into the state of trance. Then, it carefully reconstructs the mind on the subconscious level to be addicted to the humiliation of being a cum eating bitch… like you.

Size: 37 MB

Format: MP3

Length: 40 minutes


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